About us

Hi ! I’m Michael, founder of One Week Apps.

I am passionate about the process of producing indie iOS apps for more than 5 years now. My main focus is to try to improve the process of prototyping and creating iOS apps easily and effectively: developing efficient source code by following the best software development practices (BDD, TDD, Ports/Adapters architecture etc.), automating the App Store deployment process, effective UX designs and much more…

I love reading books and other developers blog posts to help me getting a better understanding about various topics and I am trying to condense them in practical materials for indie app developers.

Today, research is evolving faster than ever, great innovative products and technologies are released everyday : drones, self-driving cars, Internet of Things (HealthCare systems, SmartWatch, wearable devices), video gaming, Virtual Reality and so on !

But as innovative ideas come to your mind, the key factor is to be able to deploy them…

I really like helping other developers improving their development process and that’s why I decided to create this platform a few years ago.

Keep reading! We will regularly post new materials about the app development process and illustrate it with real app concepts.

About me

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