Clean Unity – The Controller-Manager Issue

Do you recognise in one of the following Unity developer situation?

– You are working a your brand new amazing Unity project and you don’t know how to start?
– Does your controllers become massive and hard to understand or to add new features?
– You feel like what you are planning to do will result in spaghetti code after a few modifications?
– You spend a considerable amount of time fixing edge cases bugs?
– Adding a new feature means regression and massive refactoring?
– Your app result in a bunch of closely coupled modules?
– You don’t know why your Player class is now tightly coupled with that Enemy other class?
– You feel like the effort vs benefit tradeoff with TDD isn’t worth it?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to stick with MVC and massive MonoBehaviour classes. You are looking for something better.

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