Michael Martinez

iOS/Android Software Engineer

Michael Martinez

iOS/Android Software Engineer

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Michael Martinez

iOS/Android Software Engineer

Holding a 5 years Master's Degree in Electronics & Computer Science Engineering School ESIEE Paris, where I specialized in Embedded Systems Software Development,

I have always been interested in Maths but I was also curious of Maths real-world applications; this combined to my desire to craft new, innovative things naturally led me to interrest in Programming then Design Patterns, Clean Architecture and TDD concepts.

My cursus also gave me the chance to discover the Electronics background of Computer Science, from Microcontrollers programming to Realtime communication protocols. This helps me to rethink my programming in terms of memory optimisation, timing constrainsts (I/Os, Database Access).


Professional Skills

  • 90% Complete
    Self-learning 90%
  • 60% Complete
    Software Project Management 60%
  • 60% Complete
    Time Management 60%

Software Skills

  • 90% Complete
    Unity 3D / Visual Studio 90%
  • 80% Complete
    XCode 80%
  • 70% Complete
    Eclipse / Android Studio 70%
  • 70% Complete
    Microcontrollers Knowledge (Register Level, memory) 70%
  • 65% Complete
    Realtime (Multithreading, HTTP/TCP/UDP protocols) 65%
  • 80% Complete
    Source Version Control (Git, SVN) 80%

Code Skills

  • 90% Complete
    C# .NET 90%
  • 80% Complete
    Swift / Objective C 80%
  • 70% Complete
    C/C++ 70%
  • 65% Complete
    Java 65%
  • 40% Complete
    Web Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS) 40%
  • 50% Complete
    Web Back-end (PHP, SQL) 50%
  • 60% Complete
    Design Patterns 60%

Work Experience


iOS Lead Developer - Apr 2017 - Aug 2021

- iOS Lead Developer - PANDA Guide
- Development of an iOS guidance app using (CoreLocation, ARKit2)
- Development of an SDK allowing third party apps to connect to PANDA headset and use its embedded capabilities
- Testing of various frameworks related to outdoor navigation
- Lead Developer in an iOS outdoor navigation project and software integrator in embedded C++ project

PANDA Guide is a "Tech4Good" startup belonging in ESS (Économie Sociale et Solidaire). We work for a more inclusive world.

Our goal is to make everyday life easier to blind and partially sighted people. To achieve this goal, we use the best of technology to enforce their autonomy, and unleash their full potential.

Website: https://www.panda-guide.fr

Freelance iOS Swift/Objective-C developer

Freelance - Apr 2017 - Present

- Freelance jobs in iOS development (Swift / Objective-C)
- frontend UIKit, REST API, Core Data development
- ARKit, Scene Kit, Sprite Kit app development
- Unit Testing, setup Clean Architecture, continuous integration (Travis CI, SwiftLint)

Furious Bounce (Start-Up)

Co-founder and software developer - Apr 2017 - Present

Furious Bounce is a mobile game application targetting PC, iOS & Android platforms.

In charge of project technical management, I realised the major part of programming tasks in C# .NET under Unity 3D Game Engine while continuously adding other team members modules (source code / graphics / sound integration).

- Software development in C# taking into account Unity3D engine specificities : Realtime Physics, Player Reward System, UI.
- External services API integration : Facebook, Game Services, Unity Ads, Unity Analytics.
- Asynchronous interractions with MySQL database, created PHP/SQL based server API.
- Source Version Control responsible (Git) : continuous integration, conflict handling, multi-platform releases.

- Check the website : Furious Bounce
- Check the teaser : Furious Bounce's teaser

AKKA Technologies - SAFRAN Identity & Security

Consultant Software Developper / IVV Engineer - Jan 2016 - Mar 2017 (1 year 3 months)

Worked at Safran I&S as a Consultant Engineer for Akka Technologies.

- C/C++ Embedded Software Development and Qualification Tests on Gaming Terminals (Windows/Linux)
- Support activities under Linux OS on Database System to register / retrieve users identification data.
- C++ Software Development on system architecture involving Java Web Services (client side).

THALES Optronique

Internship - C/C++ Software Developper - May 2015 - August 2015 (4 months internship)

- Statechart Diagram modelization using IBM Rational Rhapsody UML modeler.
- Developped an Animated State Machine visualization tool in C++ to show transitions remotely using UDP.
- Developped Java plugin to allow generating C++ base code from Statechart Diagram.

ESIEE Paris - France

Graduation Project - Gant2Vol - Jun 2014 - Aug 2014 (3 months project)

- Group Project consisting in developing a Connected Glove which embeds Sensors (IMU, Push Buttons) and Actuators (Antenna) acting as a substitute for a standard Drone.
- Prototyped a Software in Arduino/C to allow microcontroller to receive user hand's orientation and compute back a command that updates Drone's orientation.

Then we presented our project to the 9th Jour des Projets edition and won the best technical project price.



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