Salsa Coach – Develop a Salsa application using Flutter – Wear OS version !

Along with the Salsa Coach Flutter application, we added a small Wear OS companion app.

It allows the user to user to enrich its experience by having move hints while performing Salsa dance.

Salsa Coach Wear OS: a native Wear OS Android application

Salsa Coach Wear OS is a Salsa application tailored to help Salsa dancers to remember and master key salsa moves!

  • Get a list of key salsa moves with a specific vibration attached to each move
  • Start shuffled vibration patterns corresponding to moves list to get moves hints while dancing

Android native applications are a great experience as a developer which allows you to experience different UX problematics.

Check it out in the following open-source GitHub repo:
GitHub repository

This app is a companion app for the main Salsa Coach project.

You can find the original repository here.

Buy the Salsa Coach Toolbox to get a clear tutorial explaining how to develop a Flutter salsa coach app following good development principles such as modular design and Test Driven Development.

Along with the satisfaction to propose a nice experience for mobile users, this will help you understanding the process to develop maintainable and testable mobile applications !

Build a Salsa Flutter app for iOS and Android !

With the Salsa Coach Toolbox, you will learn by applying your knowledge to a concrete Salsa app based on Flutter technology: each app feature will be developped using Test Driven Development approach and Clean Architecture / modular design.
The final app is available in the App Store and Google Play: Salsa Coach

Buy The Salsa Coach Toolbox now

In the Salsa Coach Toolbox, you will learn how to:

  • Follow the process of designing a simple UX and UI given an app idea.
  • Follow good app development principles such as Clean Architecture.
  • Use Test Driven Development to develop your application easily.

Moreover, you will follow the process of developing an hybrid iOS and Android app using Flutter step by step !

Check it out in the following open-source GitHub repo:
GitHub repository

You can find the complete app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store by searching for “Salsa Coach” application.

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