Salsa Coach – Develop a Salsa application using Flutter

Hybrid iOS and Android mobile applications are quite challenging to develop, you have to face a lot of technical choices, while having to deploy a maintainable app. With all those concerns in mind, which technology should you use to develop your mobile application ?

It depends ! As always every choice depends of the app you are willing to release, if your main goal is to develop a web app and having a side mobile app is only a nice-to-have, you should probably use React Native or other web related frameworks. But if you want to propose a nice navigation experience to your mobile users and if you are targeting multiple mobile platforms as you will only have to maintain one codebase for both iOS and Android platforms, Flutter is a great choice.

Salsa Coach: Develop a Flutter app using Test Driven Development and Clean Architecture

We will help you design a Flutter app with one codebase for both iOS and Android platforms using Flutter.

Flutter is a fantastic framework that can help you build iOS and Android applications really fast with a shared codebase.

Buy the Salsa Coach Toolbox to get a clear tutorial explaining how to develop a Flutter salsa coach app following good development principles such as modular design and Test Driven Development.

Along with the satisfaction to propose a nice experience for mobile users, this will help you understanding the process to develop maintainable and testable mobile applications !

Build a Salsa Flutter app for iOS and Android !

Salsa memo application user interface

With the Salsa Coach Toolbox, you will learn by applying your knowledge to a concrete Salsa app based on Flutter technology: each app feature will be developped using Test Driven Development approach and Clean Architecture / modular design.
The final app is available in the App Store and Google Play: Salsa Coach

Buy The Salsa Coach Toolbox now

In the Salsa Coach Toolbox, you will learn how to:

  • Follow the process of designing a simple UX and UI given an app idea.
  • Follow good app development principles such as Clean Architecture.
  • Use Test Driven Development to develop your application easily.

Moreover, you will follow the process of developing an hybrid iOS and Android app using Flutter step by step !

Check it out in the following open-source GitHub repo:
GitHub repository

You can find the complete app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store by searching for “Salsa Coach” application.

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