This website provides programming tips about the game engine Unity3D and Clean Architecture, C# programming, Unit Testing and gives some materials to develop iOS mobile applications.

About me

Hi ! I’m Michael.

My passion is using software engineering to develop powerful applications which can divert people. I truly believe that engineering can greatly improve people’s life.

Today, research is progressing faster and faster, great innovative products and technologies are released everyday : drones, self-driving cars, Internet of Things (HealthCare systems, SmartWatch, wearable devices), video gaming, Virtual Reality and so on !

I also believe that Web 3.0 and social medias such as Facebook, Twitter are fully implied in user experience and their integration in global market mobile applications is a key-point nowadays.

Keep reading, I will try to regularly post new content about programming tips, Clean Architecture, and testing.

About me

The Clean Unity Handbook


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