Fully develop a mobile application in only a few weeks?

Make no mistake about it, it is achievable but only for indie apps and definitely not for complex business projects.

In the D1 ā€“ Idea & Prototyping section, we will think on what make your app idea unique, how your users are going to use it and how to give a scope your project so it does not last too long.

In the D2 – User Interface section, we will discuss what options you have to design a simple but intuitive user interface.

Then, in D3-6 ā€“ Development, we will go through the longest journey, the programming part, using a reusable architecture.

Finally, in D7 ā€“ Release, the App Store release process will be described.

Most of the discussed principles are platform agnostic and can also be applied to any application e.g. Android or computer program.

The goal of this website is not talking on all subjects as an expert (which we are not), but more about giving you the entry points on all critical concepts and resources that will help you achieving your goals.

In the Courses section, we show how to apply the discussed principles on concrete app ideas, you can read the blog posts and buy our paid courses if you feel like you need some additional materials!

The iOS Accessibility Toolbox

The Clean Unity Handbook

The Salsa Coach Handbook

About us

Hi ! Iā€™m Michael, founder of One Week Apps.

I am passionate about the process of producing indie iOS apps for more than 5 years now. My main focus is to try to improve the process of prototyping and creating iOS apps easily and effectively: developing efficient source code by following the best software development practices (BDD, TDD, Ports/Adapters architecture etc.), automating the App Store deployment process, effective UX designs and much more…

I love reading books and other developers blog posts to help me getting a better understanding about various topics and I am trying to condense them in practical materials for indie app developers.

Today, research is evolving faster than ever, great innovative products and technologies are released everyday : drones, self-driving cars, Internet of Things (HealthCare systems, SmartWatch, wearable devices), video gaming, Virtual Reality and so on !

But as innovative ideas come to your mind, the key factor is to be able to deploy them…

I really like helping other developers improving their development process and that’s why I decided to create this platform a few years ago.

Keep reading! We will regularly post new materials about the app development process and illustrate it with real app concepts.

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