iOS Accessibility Toolbox – What if you could build more inclusive iOS apps ?

iOS apps are quite challenging to develop, you have to face hundreds of concerns from product specifications to market release. With all those concerns in mind, is it worth it making your app accessible to all audiences ?

Definitely yes ! In this article, we will discuss why you should consider adding some extra accessibility support and how you can understand the related problematics so it become more natural for you to take that into consideration later on.

Blind users & iPhones: the good match

Blind users are really committed to using the new technologies as it can help them in their everyday life.
They represent a lot of your overall audience.
Moreover, the iOS versus Android users is about 80% over 20%, so if you are developing iOS apps you are in probably already targeting a major blind users audience.

The iOS Accessibility Toolbox

We will see today how we can start building amazing iOS apps for all your potential users.
To do so you will have to learn all the accessibility related concepts and then know when your app design is accessible by default and when you will have to add some extra support for it.

The UIAccessibility Swift framework is a fantastic library that can help you to include your blind audience with only a few extra considerations.
It even have a default support for UIKit elements !

Buy the iOS Accessibility Toolbox to get a clear tutorial explaining how to support iOS accessibility in an easy way in your everyday workflow.

Along with the satisfaction to propose a nice experience for blind users, this will help you reaching a new audience for your app with a relatively short amount of invested time !

Build a Voice Over based Escape Game app for iOS !

Here is a review video (in french):

With the iOS Accessibility Toolbox, you will learn by applying your knowledge to a concrete Escape Game app based on VoiceOver’s usage: each room of the escape app will focus on a specific notions.

The final app is available in the App Store: Escape from Blindness

In the iOS Accessibility Toolbox, you will learn how to:

  • Get a better understanding of the blind/partially sighted users interactions with their iPhone.
  • Embed accessibility into your workflow when developing your brand new feature.
  • Apply what you learn to new and existing projects of any size.

All of that along with developing an inclusive iOS app step by step !

Check it out in the following open-source GitHub repo:
GitHub repository

You can find the complete app on the Apple Store here:
Download on the App Store

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